Virtual Offices are a service for companies, professionals and entrepreneurs wich includes telephone answering, call transfers and a physical and fiscal address.
The service is complemented with the availability of CoWorking Spaces, meeting rooms and training rooms to be used in the moments when the client requests it. This type of work where the company outsources certain activities, allows entrepreneurs and employees to work anywhere using technological means such as telephone and internet. By hiring a virtual office, small businesses and entrepreneurs opt for an affordable price, a professional phone service and a prestige address. The service is also used by large companies to carry out activities in cities where they do not have offices.

A Virtual Office allows business owners to reduce their fixed costs and use a prestige and local address to optimize their contacts network and that has a professional address for their business with access to all the necessary facilities to make the same grow. It also allows access to conference rooms for meetings with a professional atmosphere and access to the most advanced communication technology such as video conferencing.

Virtual Offices are ideal for small, medium or large companies as well as people who run their businesses from home but are interested in expanding into a more professional environment. This allows the business owner to reduce and control their costs but still have the flexibility to expand their business in the future. This service offers all the advantages of a business address and communication in the office without the need for the client to have to create a real office. Instead of a real space with individual additional costs, Virtual Offices handle telephone, email and other amenities necessary to run a successful business.

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