Coworking is a working model that is based on sharing offices spaces and resources, bringing people together who work not necessarily for the same company or in the same area / sector, and can even gather between their occupants and professionals. It is a way used by many freelancers to solve the isolation problem of the work model known as Home Office. People and companies working in a coworking environment also use this work model to establish business relationships where they offer and / or contract services to each other. Some of these relationships also aim to encourage the emergence and maturation of group ideas and projects.

Incubators from startups, business centers or virtual offices differ from coworking because they do not share the social, collaborative and informal aspects. The practices of conduct of coworking make this model closer to the model of cooperatives, where the focus is not only on profit but also on society.

At a time when entrepreneurship is a critical success factor, the challenge of finding a space to accomplish new projects, conducting meetings with Clients, is often the frontier between advancing overcoming all obstacles and stopping in the face of increasingly demanding market conditions. COWORK seeks to respond to and ensure that these requirements are met.

Today, more than a trend, coworking is a reality and an effective alternative to success.

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